Scrum Planner


Scrum Planner is the Project management tool to use sprint planning. It includes the Sprint Planning and Task Module.

Features, 1. Management of your day to day project management activities 2. Clean view of all Sprints, Tasks 3. Fully Responsive Mobile/Tablet Friendly Design 4. See which tasks are assigned to whom 5. Update the status to keep track of Sprints and Tasks. 6. Cleaver/Advance/Fast Search for Sprint and Tasks. 7. Everything is build on Angular JS, extremely user friendly. 8. Single Page to manage your all actions. 9. Sprint – List of Sprints, Add/Modify Sprints, Delete Sprints, Clear Search 10. Tasks – Add the tasks for the Sprint, Delete Tasks, List Tasks with cleaver Search

Technology: 1. ASP.Net MVC – 4.6+ (Controllers, Models, Views, View Models) 2. Entity Framework – Database first approach 3. JQuery, Angular JS MVC 4. HTML5/CSS 3 5. Fully mobile/tablet friendly design.

Please contact us for any suggestion, feedback, new enhancements or bug fixing.


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