Scenario Web Extractor


Scenario Web Extractor tool allows you to extract data in different formats from search engine results and different URL addresses using predefined scenarios. Using it you can extract data such as emails, proxies, phones, part of news or blog site content, any special data needed.

Currently tool contains scenarios for proxy, email extraction and sample scenarios for extracting content from some custom sites or blogs. You may add your own scenarios for your purposes with configuring extraction expression (regex/xpath expression), search engine expressions (expressions that will use be used during the search process), additional URL addresses for search and content length restrictions if it is needed.

Two search engines support are included: Google mirror ( and Bing ( You can add other engines by using search engine settings configuration form. Multithreading is supported for better performance. Proxy using is supported to prevent search engines block. Hints for all UI parameters are included. Results can be saved as a multiple or a single file.


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