Random Number Generator


Specify numeric range with lower and upper bounds

Specify number format, base (radix), minimum and maximum number of digits

Generate negative numbers, fractional numbers, floating point numbers

12 Continuous Statistical Distributions: Normal / Gaussian, Beta, Chi Square, Student-T, Cauchy, Chi, Uniform, Exponential, Gamma, Laplace, Log-Normal, Pareto

5 Discrete Statistical Distributions: Bernoulli, Binomial, Uniform, Geometric, Poisson

5 Pseudo-Random Number Generators: FIPS-140 compliant Cryptographically Secure RNG, Mersenne Twister, Additive Lagged Fibonacci, XOR-Shift 128, System Default

Save output to Excel, CSV, XML

Ensure uniqueness and remove duplicate entries

Ability to generate pattern/template based codes

Built-in password generator

Friendly User Interface

Much More!



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