Radio App 2 (Swift 2)


iOS 9 compatible, storyboard, autolayout, sizeclass universal app

Swift 2.2 project file, compatible Xcode 7.3 or newer

All devices are supported (iPhone 4s+ – iPad Pro)

Autoscroll metadata text

Simple and multi channel support

Works with simple json data, add unlimited radio stations

New collection radio list controller

New streamer and cover art search api

New SFSafariViewController (WebSite – Facebook – Twitter)

Artist video and photo search api (YouTube and Flickr)

Video player and photo gallery view controller

Photo gallery: long press zoom, frosted controller, save, share image

Supported Stream Formats: mp3, aac, aac+, M3u etc.

Play in background

Custom MPVolumeView

Social share support (Facebook, Twitter etc.)


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