Menu Framework


Menus with multi column Support
Menus with Icon font with over 1600 Icons 2017
New Light & Dark Versions
New Menus with Fixed Navigation Examples
New Dropdowns with 10 Animations to choose
New Three themes to choose inside any category
New Five Colors Included
New Float Elements in Menu
New Align easy elements on menu LEFT, RIGHT, CENTER, JUSTIFY
New Menus with Fixed and Fluid Container
New Menus with Badges
New Menus with Fixed or Relative Position
New Menus with Search Bar
New Menus with Contact Form
New Menus with Section Inline
New Menus with Links only or with Labels
New Menus with Multiple Columns
New Menus with Hover Statement
New Menus with Logo Fixed or Fluid
New Menu Shorcodes Folder with lot of options for your Navigation menu
New Good Documentation
Full Responsive
25 Features ++
& Many More


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