Fontasia (Font Usage Viewer)



Gives you more impressure about the font file usage. by checking font that how it looks like in a website or in photoshop or other graphic applications. no need to install font into your system and configure a sample website or a graphical file takes some time. thus fontaisa is a time saver, fills a big lack of standard font viewer and other font viewer applications.

Displays Sample Template Previews that uses ttf, eot, otf, woff and other font file types.

To preview of font usage; Just click to the font file.

Press ESC to close.

Use Up/Down arrow to change preview template that uses your font.

Use Left/Right arrow to change color theme.

Simple Usage: double click any font file types: ttf woff eot otf.

Right click popups a menu.Press use “Help” If You wantto reach this page again.



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