Batch Image Resizer


20 scaling modes: Lanczos, Bilinear, Bicubic, Box, HqX

Rotate and flip manually or using EXIF orientation tag

Fit to fixed size or rectangle; fit to aspect ratio

Perform lossless JPEG crops, flips, and rotations

Automatic crop, crop to fixed size, crop from edges, crop to W:H ratio

Resize canvas and add padding; change print resolution

Change width and height independently or proportionately

Set dimensions using pixels, percentages %, or print units

Automatically shrink images to fit a desired file size in Kilobytes

Convert to/from and save results in any of 30+ formats: jpg, png, gif, tiff, bmp, j2k

Conditional processing based on image orientation, size, and other attributes

Add static and dynamic text and image watermarks with visual effects

Layers with 40+ blending modes and pixel filtering

Per-channel processing: extract, mix, replace, adjust values, etc…

8 Color Models: RGB, HSB/HSV, HSL, HSI, HWB, YCbCr, Lab, LCH

Built-in image preview with interactive histograms

4 operation modes: Manual, Background, Scheduled, and Console

Use multiline text watermarks with various fonts and styles

Dynamically generate text watermarks with EXIF and file info

Use picture watermarks to add visual attractiveness

12 compositing modes: source-over, source-in, source-out…

40+ Blend Modes: lighten, darken, contrast, inversion…

Customizable image format options: bit depth, compression…

Work with metadata: EXIF, IPTC, GPS, XMP.

Customize output file names with dynamic tags

Save images to multiple locations and using different settings

Fast parallel processing on multi-core CPUs

Rename image files based on image or file properties and EXIF/IPTC metadata



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