Batch Docs


Search and replace in 1000s of text documents

Use Regular Expressions and RegEx patterns in searches

Add new text content to hundreds of Word documents

Remove certain words, phrases, or other text from multiple documents

Apply new text formatting and styles to specific paragraphs and phrases in word documents in bulk

Change existing formatting and styles in multiple documents

Change page layout and size in multiple text documents

Batch edit document properties like Author, Title, and Subject

Supports Word documents: docx, doc

Supports Open Office Documents: odt

Supports Adobe PDFs

Supports other text file formats: rtf, txt, wpd, html, xps

4 operation modes: Manual, Background, Scheduled, and Console

Find documents and add them to processing queue depending on their content

Conditional processing based on document contents, file size, and other attributes

Rename document files based on file properties document metadata

Fast parallel processing on multi-core CPUs

Much more!



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