Audio Preparation Watermarking and Upload Tool


The Audio Preparation Tool lets users easily package, watermark and upload their compositions and audio files. It can be used to package audio bundles or music packs, to create watermarked audio previews with a selected watermark. The tool allows automatic creation and upload of both the generated ZIP archive of the composition and the MP3 watermarked preview to an FTP server of the user’s choice.

This pack features a console version (with a window and a background console displaying information on the currently executing task (e.g. creating ZIP archive, creating watermark file or uploading to FTP) and a Windows Forms version without the console window. Both applications can be called from Command Prompt with a single WAV file passed as a parameter.

The application features a simple window where the user drops folders containing WAV audio tracks to be packaged together and watermarked into a single preview file. The tool allows optional FTP upload of all the files. Simply drag and drop the folders containing the WAV files into the window. Files from the same folder will be packaged into an archive and a single preview will be created for them. The result is: for each of the folders there will be one ZIP archive and one MP3 preview file. All generated files are moved to a specified archive folder. A file containing the lengths of all files in minutes is created in the corresponding archive folder.


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