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Paladins API for Laravel

1-minute integration;

Support to all Laravel 5.* or higher;

Extreme low resources usage;

Provide tons of data allowing you to create your own database;

Automatically create and authenticate API sessions;

Validate access to the Hi-Rez Paladins API;

Ping Paladins API servers to test connectivity;

Return all data in 9 different languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese, Russian, Polish and Turkish);

Return API Developer daily usage limits and the current status against those limits;

Return information regarding a particular match;

Return the matchup information for each matchup for the current eSports Pro League season;

Return the names of each of the player’s friends;

Return the rank and worshippers value for each champion a player has played;

Return all champions and their various attributes;

Return all available skins for a particular champion;

Return the recommended Items for a particular champion;

Return all items and their various attributes;

Return the statistics for a particular completed match;

Return player information for a live match;

Return all match IDs for a particular match queue;

Return the top players for a particular ranked queue;

Return a list of seasons for a match queue;

Return recent matches and high level match statistics for a particular player;

Return information about the 20 most recent match-of-the-days;

Return league and other high level data for a particular player;

Return player status in-game;

Return match summary statistics for a player and queue combination grouped by champions played;

Return the number of players and other high level details for a particular clan;

Return the players for a particular clan;

Return the 50 most watched/most recent recorded matches;

Return high level information for Team names containing the “searchTeam” string;

Return select achievement totals for the specified playerId;

Return information about current deployed patch;

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Swap Countdown, Responsive Text Animation Counter Plugin

  • Responsive | This is 2017, Of course this plugin is responsive. :-)


Mobile Friendly | Tick is designed to work mobile first and scales nicely to bigger resolutions.


Very Fast | Tick’s code is optimized for performance.


Standalone | No client-side or server-side frameworks or libraries are required. But if you like jQuery, Tick Counter ships with a handy jQuery wrapper API.


Easy to Configure | Setting up Tick is a matter of adding some classes and data attributes to your HTML and presto, you’re ready to go!


Layout | Tiny layout framework to compose counters horizontally, vertically or lay them on top of each other.


Transforms | Tick ships with 30+ data transforms which you can use to format and animate the output value to your liking.


Vanilla JavaScript, jQuery, ES6, AMD or CommonJS | Whether you’re an old school JavaScript fanatic or a jQuery lover, Tick’s got you covered. The package also contains AMD, CommonJS, ES6 and a Global build of Tick.


JavaScript API | You can control Tick from JavaScript or jQuery whichever you like best. The extensive API documentation should give you a good idea on what is possible with Tick.


And Much More | Read about all Tick’s features

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Image Answer

Push Notification Integrated (One Signal)

Universal Application

All images and answers stored in Admin side

Sample Image Quiz : Guess the image name

Results stored in Server Database

12 levels are ther for now depends on word character, you can make unlimited levels

Display Grid & List Layout

Search Option available

Latest Images Display into New Screen

Also All Levels Display into Slide Menu

All Device Compatibility

Check Internet Network Availability

About Us

Google advertisement Package

AdMob Integrated

Intertial advertisement Integrated