Merchant Management System

Merchant Management System

Download Project On Merchant Management System for free. Here i am going to give short description on Project On Merchant Management System. Here we give complete Project On Merchant Management System including the documentation part. This projects can be used for your semester exams. This doesn’t mean that we are giving you ready-made Project On Merchant Management System. Our intension are to help you on Project On Merchant Management System. We Help you how to explain Project On Merchant Management System to your guide. We make sure that the Project On Merchant Management System which you have worked here with us, can be used by clients too. This Project On Merchant Management System can be done in various languages like php,, java,, etc.

There are various types of Users for Project On Merchant Management System,





Each user have different rights which set by the Admin or Developer. We give Download link for students for free, This Project can be customized with Proper guidance who will be expert in these languages. Small description about Project On Merchant Management System is given below.

This task enables diverse clients to shop distinctive marked things under one rooftop. The client who is utilizing this framework can think about the costs and shop diverse things adaptably. Each client needs to peruse and concur the client permit understanding.
Here two sorts are clients existed.
1. Administrator
2. Typical User
3.2 Project Scope
“EzeeMerchant” as a genuine World Wide Internet (Online) based advertising point of view Shopping framework. The framework gives usefulness to any client to associate with shippers genuinely on the web and direct business. As the name suggests, it is a shopping through web with simple to utilize improved UI. As getting more customers from different spots it is smarter to utilize web for taking requests educating items’ data to give more offices to customers. The accompanying modules have been coordinated.
3.3 Screen Design/Graphical User Interface
The framework utilizes an extremely easy to use interface created utilizing Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), which most clients are familiar with and is extensively utilized on the World Wide Web (WWW). The controls are set on the structures in an effortlessly open way so client strain is limited to the greatest degree.
At whatever point a client enters any frame the framework likewise expresses the activity to be performed in an effortlessly justifiable and lovely discourse. The route of the client frame one region of the framework to another is simple utilizing simple to get to and appropriately put hyperlinks which client can access on the snap of a catch.
The framework additionally represents a one of a kind organization for each sort of representative; this guarantees worker is given alternatives he approaches. This guarantees a lot of security to the framework and to the association as a worker isn’t given an alternative to carryout unapproved action.
3.4 General Description
The most surprising component is Admin module, which
manages making giving access rights to items, Categories, Orders, User Information per Order points of interest and so on
(1) Products: It gives the Products Information, Quantity per pack, cost per amount, cost and sham cost and so on.
(2) Categories: This module has root class. Root contains a few sub classifications. Classifications Under Root are Id, Name, List of items under present classification and soon.
(3) Orders: Registered customer can put orders, can check the
status of request, or scratch off the request in the event that it isn’t handled.
(4) Email Templates: it enables the chairman to make the some email-layouts for overlooked secret word, arrange status and pending installment and so forth at whatever point the manager needs to send a mail to the client he will make utilize these formats to diminish manual writing.
(5) Preferences: It permits to set the page setups on fly for various pages like Global Page, Category page and Product List Page and so on it enables us to change the headers and footers without touching the source code. Basic we can alter the pages powerfully.
(6) Variables: it enables the executive to set some parameter esteems powerfully. It helps a considerable measure in figuring at long last sum in view of the present parameter esteems.
(7) User Information for every Order: it gives an office to redo the client data by altering the current fields, including the new fields and setting distinctive composes alternatives for the fields.
(8) Countries: It shows Country Names, Country Ids. Furthermore, it shows Registered Post cost and Courier cost too. Alter choice is alter the ID, Country Name, Registered Post cost and Courier cost. Erase alternative is erase the one line from Country profile. In the event that the client need to enter the Country data then it is conceivable.
(9) Shipping Companies: This choice gives the transportation organizations subtle elements. Name of the organization, URL of the organization, Tracking subtle elements are accessible under this alternative.
Alter and Delete choices additionally added to each column.
(10) Users: It gives the aggregate clients list under this Administrator. It shows Email Address(Username), Personal Details, Reference points of interest i.e., who is alluded to the current client.
Alter and Delete alternatives is additionally accessible. Alter alternative is to change the client profile and Delete choice is to erase the client account.
(11) Logout: Come out from the Administrator and Login frame will be show to login.
Ordinary User:
Ordinary User can take part in web based shopping in any area, and they can think about the costs and they can purchase the item without eye to eye help to the customer. On the off chance that any individual need to go into this, he ought to be individual from this association. Enroll shape is accessible at login page. Simply tap the connection click here. Part can enter and buy the products as his desire. The client can see the status of products conveyance likewise by sitting at home.
(1) Change Password: This alternative is to change watchword of client. At whatever point the client click this choice, “Change your Password” frame will be show. This frame asks the old pass, new secret word. The old watchword is right then modified(new) secret word is spared.
(2) Change Profile: If the client clicks this alternative, User profile shape will be open. In the event that the User needs change his name, address, another points of interest at that point enter above data and tap the refresh catch.
(3) My Orders: By utilizing this alternative, the clients can Orders under the installment pending. This alternative has sub choices like OrderID, Date of procurement, Total Amount, Status of Payment and so forth.
OrderID contains one-hyperlink name as “Points of interest”.
This connection opens OrderDetails, Final Order and Order Status.
Request Details have Drug(goods) subtle elements, number of packs he buy and Total cost of the products.
Last request gives Total Amount, Shipping Charges and Grand Total.
Request Status shows the Pending Payment.
(4) Logout: Whenever the client clicks this connection then he turn out from the client record and Login Form will be show.
(5) Home: When the client clicks this alternative, the fundamental page will be shown.
(6) Admin: This alternative will be Administration account. At the point when the client clicks this alternative then Login shape will be shown and it asks the administrator login and secret key. In the event that the username and secret key are same as the username and watchword of client entered, Admin Account will open.
(7) Products: This module manages the data of accessible items. Like brief depiction amount accessible, value subtle elements, and so on.
(8) About: This choice gives the data of EzeeMerchant. What is the utilization of this site and How it is functions and so forth..
(9) Contact: Company address, url and other work force data are accessible here.
(10) My Account: This alternative is works in Admin Account as it were
(11) Cart: This truck alternative shows the chose products of the current client account.
(12) Reports: This module gives the data about requests, shipments, and customers. By this the advertising administration can dissect the items development and market technique.


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