Sales Information System

Sales Information System

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The proposed Sales data System is absolutely concentrating on concrete creation units.The fundamental goal of this framework is to give ease framework to the end client by which there will be convenient conveyance of merchandise to the client, deals investigation can be effortlessly done.

Report Scope

The extent of this report is to introduce the point by point depiction of the task with the goals, this record covers every one of the prerequisites of a business data framework normally in a bond generation units.

Issue Overview

This portrays about the issue when this framework doesn’t exists, every last procedure, for example, arrange section, arrange endorsement, sending of requests to branches, Invoice Generation and Dispatching of products, Calculation of benefit and stock upkeep. All the said procedures ought to be done physically. To defeat these issues an online answer for deals data framework is proposed by which all the manual procedure can be robotized.

Framework Overview

To conquer the above issue and to give a superior answer for the same, this business data framework is proposed, this framework is an electronic and unified by which whole data with respect to Corporate, Regional office and Branch workplaces Plants, stock point office (SPO) can be gotten to from anyplace.

This application fundamentally covers Order Fulfillment, Stock Maintenance and Pricing, Invoicing functionalities and Access Control Levels.

Request satisfaction: This capacity will give choices to entering orders and dispatching the requests.

Stock Maintenance: This capacity cares for the stock, refreshes stock contingent upon plants creation, stock at stock point office, stock changes because of different reasons, for example, harm in merchandise sent and so on.

Valuing and Invoicing: In this capacity readiness of receipt from either plant/stock point workplaces. Here all choices for producing solicitations, for example, Price, Freight, Handling Charges … and so forth., are given.

Access control level capacity will control the whole application by limiting access to unapproved clients and keeps up security to the framework.


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