Public Distribution Project

Public Distribution Project

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The Public Distribution System is a noteworthy instrument for guaranteeing accessibility of nourishment grains to people in general at reasonable costs and also to enhance sustenance security for poor people. The Central plans, for example, “Annapurna” (for seniority retired people) and Anthyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) (for poorest of poor people) are additionally under usage in the state from May 2000 and February 2001 individually.
Fundamental products like Rice, Wheat, Sugar, Iodized Salt and Kerosene are being dispersed to the focused on cardholders according to the qualification and rates settled by the Government through the Fair Price Shops. In emergency basic products like heartbeats, onions, eatable oils and vegetables (tomato and potato) are additionally being provided through the reasonable value shops under Market Intervention. Apportion card writes are BPL, APL, AAY, and Annapurna and so forth. FpShops gives the proportion to the card holders as per his/her card compose.
BPL, APL and AAY cards are issued which family yearly pay is under 24,000. In the event that the salary is more prominent than 24,000 at that point issue the Annapurna card. Through BPL card proportion card apportion holder can get more rice than others. Along these lines, Fps merchant must keep up the records for which individual has which card write and the amount of rice, sugar, oil get starting from the go.
The targets of PDS:
1. To guarantee standard supply of basic items of principle utilization like; rice, sugar, lamp fuel, wheat and so on at sensible costs through FP Shops.
2. To guarantee social equity by giving sustenance security to the poorest of the poor in provincial and urban territories by making accessible nourishment grains at least expensive rates.
3. To give sustenance security to more senior residents, who, however qualified have stayed revealed under National Old Age Pension Scheme.
4. To asses the productivity in acquirement and dealing with the sustenance grains towards capacity, transportation and conveyance.
The reasonable value shop merchants are required to lift the assigned basic items by paying the cost and make accessible satisfactory stocks at any given time. They should appropriate the basic products to the cardholders according to their qualification and rates.
Lifting and Distribution:
The PDS Kerosene is discharged by the Government of India through Public Sector Undertaking Oil Companies i.e., IOC, HPC, BPC and IBP. Each organization has designated the required number of discount merchants for each area. The wholesalers lift Kerosene oil from the Oil Depots labeled on to the discount point. Basing on the distribution of the District Collector to Mandals and re-designation by the concerned M.R.O. to the Fair Price Shop Dealers, the entire deal merchants are conveying the lamp fuel to the Fair Price Shop Dealer/Nominated Retail Dealers. Also, rice, wheat and so forth items are lifting from go downs.


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