Revenue Recovery System

Revenue Recovery System

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Income Recovery Information framework is an IT answer for the Revenue Recovery System. It is one of the significant assignments that are being performed by the District Collector. It is a product item which goes for the robotization of Revenue Recovery. The primary assignment of the Revenue Recovery Module to gather the Revenue from the different heads, for example, Library Cess, Stamp obligation, instructive Cess and so forth… This venture contains 3 modules. These are Entry Module, Report Generation Module and Site Administration.

Existing System:

Normally Revenue is getting gathered at Revenue Village level on different heads. It was awkward to Revenue Department to produce the measurements for the different heads like above said. It turns out to be extremely run of the mill to create Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Annual premise by physically. What’s more, it is likewise exceptionally hard to observing every one of the levels in this framework. So they need to atomize these issues.

In the manual framework there is no information level security. Data stream isn’t deliberately because of physical limits. What’s more, it is getting to be plainly run of the mill to create Mandal level conceptual, Division Level unique and District Level dynamic measurements.

Proposed System:

This venture advantages to office with more noteworthy straightforwardness, comfort, convenience, responsiveness. What’s more, keeping above existing framework ordinariness see it is proposed to plan programming module which creates all the required measurements. By utilizing this product module Revenue Department is getting mindfulness about the Revenue Collection every once in a while in a specific Revenue year. This product module creates different reports in light of the Revenue Recovery Collection sections.

This product module additionally gives graphical portrayal of the information and it stores and reinforcement the information effortlessly in correlation with common customary strategies. This product module likewise gives Web Based Disseminations.


The product module gives the more prominent extension in age required Reports. The framework diminishes the work load to the authority worried in an enormous scale. Because of the framework in all the ways the clients of the product module are getting profited and they are finishing their errand in stipulated time period.



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