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Download Text Editor  for free. Here i am going to give short description on Text Editor . Here we give complete Text Editor s including the documentation part. This projects can be used for your semester exams. This doesn’t mean that we are giving you ready-made Text Editor . Our intersion are to help you on Text Editor . We Help you how to explain Text Editor s to your guide. We make sure that the Text Editor  which you have worked here with us, can be used by clients too. This Text Editor s can be done in various languages like php, vb.net, java, asp.net, etc.

There are various types of Users for Text Editor ,





Each user have different rights which set by the Admin or Developer. We give Downoad link for students for free, This Project can be customized with Proper guidance who will be expert in these languages. Small description about Text Editor  is given below.

Details of JText Editor
The point of the Project JText Editor is to build up an application with the end goal that it will work like a Windows Text editorial manager (scratch pad)
The accompanying are the modules in Jtext
1) File Processing module
2) Editing Module
3) Formatting module
4) Printing Module
The accompanying are the elements of Jtext editorial manager
1) Reading content documents: Open any content record and view its substance.
2) Creating content document: We can make another content record and spare it with our own document name
3) Modifying content: We can open a current content record and change its substance
4) Displaying content: Displays the substance of a record
5) Copying content: We can duplicate the substance of one record into another document
6) Merging: Two distinctive content documents can be converged into third record or one of the two records
7) Information: We can see the properties of a given content document
8) Formatting: Change the text dimension, textual style write text style of the content document while showing
9) Find: Finding a given word in a content document.
Highlights of the Jtext Editor
1) It is more productive than Notepad
2) Auto wrap content
3) It presentations metadata of a record which isn’t accessible in scratch pad.
4) It can be utilized to type programs moreover
Programming prerequisites:
Advancements : core java
Working System : Windows 2000 Prof/XP.
Equipment prerequisites:
Processor : Intel Pentium based framework
Processor Speed : 250 MHz to 833MHz
RAM : 128 MB to 2 GB
Undertaking Description
JText Editor is an essential word processor that you can use to make straightforward records. The most well-known use for JText Editor is to see or alter content documents. It underpins just exceptionally fundamental organizing; you can’t coincidentally spare uncommon arranging in records that need to stay unadulterated content. This is particularly helpful while making Java Programs, HTML records for a Web page since extraordinary characters or other arranging may not show up in your distributed Web page or may even reason blunders.
You can spare your JText Editor documents as Unicode, ANSI, UTF-8, or huge endian Unicode. These arrangements furnish you more noteworthy adaptability when working with reports that utilization diverse character sets.
The JText Editor Application is a menu driven application that performs word processing operations, for example, File, Edit, Search and Help operations.
The File operations incorporates following:
NEW: When we click this menu thing, it creats an untitled content record.
OPEN: When we click this menu thing, it permits to open a current document.
Spare: Using this menu thing, to spare information into the document.
Saveas: Using this menu thing, it permits to make an untitled document as titled record. And in addition to rename the current record.
Leave: Using this menu thing, to close the current jtext editorial manager.
The Edit operation incorporates the accompanying:
Fix: To pick fix from alter menu, shows up the lost activity.
Cut: To cut content so you can move it to another area, select the content, and after that on the Edit menu click Cut.
Duplicate: To duplicate content so you can glue it in another area, select the content, and after that on the Edit menu click Copy.
Glue: To glue content you have cut or replicated, put the cursor where you need to glue the content, and after that on the Edit menu click Paste.
Erase: To erase content, select it, and after that on the Edit menu click Delete.
Select All: To Select whole content on Jtext Editor, at that point tap on select all from alter menu.
Time/Date: Move the cursor to where you need to include the time and date.
On the Edit menu, click Time/Date.
Word-wrap: A check stamp shows up when word wrap is turned on. Wrapping content empowers you to see all the content on hold, yet it doesn’t influence the way message shows up when it is printed.
Set Font: When we tap on this menu thing, it shows up the discourse and set textual style name, size and style.
The Search operation incorporates the accompanying:
Find: On the Search menu, click Find. It permits to discover what. In Find what, type the characters or words you need to discover.
Find Next: It finds the following going before character or word.
The Help operation incorporates the accompanying:
About: It demonstrate some message about JTextEditor
The JText Editor application is created in java programming dialect.


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