Attendance System Project using RFID

Attendance System Project using RFID
RFID Based Attendance System is a framework created for day by day representative participation in organizations. Representatives appropriate participation administration is till date a basic issue in many organizations. Participation assumes a crucial part in overseeing compensations of representatives and furthermore in following the consistency and genuineness of workers towards their occupation. The way toward following participation physically utilizing pen and paper has turned into an obsolete approach. It includes counterfeit passages by workers as well as even now and then prompt shameful assessment of participation. There dependably exist a risk of records/enroll getting lost or may get harm because of horrible conditions. To conquer every one of these disadvantages and numerous more than that we plan to build up a framework which not just evacuates the dreary errand of following participation physically yet in addition helps in keeping up a framework which will help an association in legitimate and suitable assessment of pay, normality and even promptness of a representative in view of participation. The reason for creating participation administration framework is to electronic the custom method for taking participation. The participation of the representative will be taken by RFID labels and will naturally get put away in the database. As indicated by number of working days went to by the worker compensation will be created. Arrangement has likewise been made to ready workers by means of SMS, sends and so on with respect to their participation and pay. The framework records points of interest, for example, landing and takeoff of workers other than keeping up data with respect to their own and authority profiles. Official worker data, for example, assignment, office, move, area, leaves status, pay, and so on can be connected to any finance programming to robotize the total procedure.
 Key Modules
1. Registration module: As the name, runs will manage the essential enlistment procedure of representatives in the association. Enlistment process will go in a chain of importance, which implies enrollment of representatives will be finished by the administrator.
2. Searching: Searching will empower administrators and administrator to look workers on changed criteria according to office, according to pay scale, by representative Id or by worker’s name.
3. Notifications: All the vital reports with respect to association, updates to worker by means of SMS or email in regards to any issue or welcome to representatives if there should arise an occurrence of any bubbly event and so forth will all go under warnings module.
4. Attendance: Attendance module is the core of the undertaking as the entire story circumvents it. I will go for finish support of representative participation, in time of a worker; out time of a worker and so on. It will likewise monitor every one of the solicitations being made by a worker with respect to any leaves and afterward facilitate endorsement of it by administrator.
5. Login: This will be a straightforward login module, which will approach the representative for their username and secret key. In the wake of giving right username and secret key representative will have the capacity to get to, his/her profile.
6. Schedule Management: Entire associations everyday timetable and in addition change in associations movement logbook will be dealt with by this module.
7. Profile Management: Profile Management as the name propose will manage administration of worker’s close to home profile. He/she can refresh his/her profile according to prerequisites following certain standards.
 Software Requirements:
• Windows 7 or higher
• Microsoft SQL Server 2008
• Visual Studio 2010
 Hardware Components:
• Processor – Core i3
• Hard Disk – 160 GB
• Memory – 1GB RAM
• Monitor
• Internet Connection
 Advantages of the Proposed Project:
o Secure enlistment of workers in the workplace
o Search workers in light of various criteria
o Send programmed sends to workers with respect to compensations, participation, occasions and so on.
o Easy access to the information
o The new framework is more easy to use, dependable and adaptable.
o Data change is simple.
o Reduced manual work.
o Timely Report age.
 Disadvantages:
o Requires a dynamic web association.
o System will give mistaken outcomes if information not entered legitimately.
 Application:
o This application can be utilized by the little or expansive association.


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