Fitness center Trainer And Monitoring System

Fitness center Trainer Monitoring System

A rec center mentor and checking framework that has different exercise administrations for weight put on and weight reduction. Both these alternatives have a coach. On entering the weight pick up mentor it requests your body weight, stature and different answers. Contingent upon that it computes your weight file. It at that point demonstrates to you an exercise plan contingent upon the measure of weight you have to pick up from your present status. It at that point monitors your BMI and finishes the cycle when you achieve your objective. Also the weight reduction coach prepares and screens your exercise and gives fitting preparing and results. Fitness center Trainer Monitoring System, PHP PROJECTS, ANDROID
• User and Admin Account: It has two login accounts part login and administrator login.
• Gym Admission: User information can be entered for new individuals including name, age, tallness , weight and more subtle elements.
• BMI Calculation: The framework monitors client BMI and tracks change.
• Workout recommendation: The framework gets ready exercise plan for client in view of his BMI and body sort.
• Diet Consultancy: The framework Provides eat less consultancy
Points of interest:
• Helps rec centers computerize part information and expenses status following.
• Helps rec center to give week by week wellness report.
• Helps exercise center to effortlessly expansive client information.
• May prompt joblessness of laborers since one individual can deal with expansive measure of information utilizing the framework
• This framework can be utilized as a part of single rec centers.
• This framework can be utilized to deal with a chain of rec centers.
Programming Requirements:
• Windows Xp, Windows 7(ultimate, endeavor)
• Sql 2008
• Visual studio 2010
Equipment Components:
• Processor – i3
• Hard Disk – 5 GB
• Memory – 1GB RAM

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