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Counterfeit Product Review Monitoring and Removal for Genuine Product Reviews Using Opinion Mining PHP Counterfeit Product Review Monitoring and Removal for Genuine Product Reviews Using Opinion Mining PHP
As the vast majority of the general population require survey about an item before spending their cash on the item. So individuals run over different audits in the site however these surveys are honest to goodness or phony isn’t distinguished by the client. In some audit sites some great surveys are included by the item organization individuals itself keeping in mind the end goal to make item celebrated this individuals have a place with Social Media Optimization group. They give great audits for some, unique items produced by their own particular firm. Client won’t have the capacity to see if the audit is honest to goodness or phony. To discover counterfeit survey in the site this “Phony Product Review Monitoring and Removal for Genuine Online Product Reviews Using Opinion Mining” framework is presented. This framework will discover counterfeit surveys made by the online networking advancement group by recognizing the IP address. Client will login to the framework utilizing his client id and secret word and will see different items and will give audit about the item. To discover the survey is phony or bona fide, framework will discover the IP address of the client if the framework watch counterfeit audit send by a similar IP Address many on occasion it will educate the administrator to expel that audit from the framework. This framework utilizes information mining strategy. This framework encourages the client to discover rectify survey of the item.
Framework fills in as takes after: –
• Admin will add items to the framework.
• Admin will erase the audit which is phony.
• User once get to the framework, client can see item and can post survey about the item.
• System will track the IP address of the client.
• If the framework watches counterfeit audit originating from same IP address numerous a times this IP address will be followed by the framework and will illuminate the administrator to expel this survey from the framework.
 Modules:
The framework includes 2 noteworthy modules with their sub-modules as takes after:
1. Admin Login: Admin login to the framework utilizing his administrator ID and secret word.
• Add item:
– Admin will add item to the framework.
• Delete Review:
– Admin will expel the audit which followed by the framework as phony.
2. User Login: User will login to the framework utilizing his client ID and secret word.
• View item:
– User will see item.
• Post Review:
– User can post survey about the item.
• Tracks IP Address:
– If the framework finds a survey is phony it will advise the administrator to expel the phony audit.
 Software Requirements:
• Windows 7 or higher
• WAMP Server
• Notepad++
• My SQL 5.6
 Hardware Components:
• Processor – Dual Core
• Hard Disk – 50 GB
• Memory – 1GB RAM
 Advantages:
• User gets authentic surveys about the item.
• User can post their own particular audit about the item.
• User can burn through cash on important items.
 Disadvantages:
• If the web-based social networking advancement group utilizes diverse IP deliver to send the audit, framework will neglect to track the phony survey.
 Application:
• This application will be utilized by the general population who get a kick out of the chance to spend their cash on significant items.

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