ATM Online Security Project

ATM Online Security Project, PHP PROJECTS, ANDROID
Presently you can safely play out your ATM exchanges with the assistance of this framework as it gives 3 level of security. This framework functions as takes after. Once the client enters the PIN, the client is provoked to enter the OTP (One Time Password) which is a 4-digit arbitrary secret word sent by the server to the client’s enrolled portable number. On cross confirmation with the information put away in the framework database, the client is permitted to make an exchange. The basic component includes consolidating the ideas of Cryptography and Steganography. The PIN and OTP are scrambled utilizing AES 256. At that point the scrambled information is steganographed with the picture chose by the client which goes about as the BASE picture. ATM Online Security Project, PHP PROJECTS, ANDROID. The Steganographed picture is sent to the server, where it is de-steganographed and checked with the information accessible in the framework database.
Enroll: User should enlist so as to access the framework.
Login: User should give his username and secret word keeping in mind the end goal to login to the framework.
Item Listing: Here every one of the items can be seen by the client alongside its different points of interest like short depiction, cost, and furthermore picture of the item.
Installment: so as to play out any exchange here the client needs too give his bank data like his Account no, Card no, CVV no and PIN no to make the installment.
OTP(One Time Password)- Once the client enters watchword, the framework sends OTP which will contain 4 letter secret word. Once the client enters this secret word, the framework will permit to make the installment.
Encryption: The PIN and OTP are scrambled utilizing AES 256.
Picture steganography: Here the touchy data of the client won’t just be encoded yet additionally sent alongside the picture with the goal that the interloper doesn’t come to think about the shrouded message.
• This framework gives 2 level of security as it scrambles the message as well as performs picture steganography by sending the encoded message alongside the picture.
• The framework gives one more level of security as the client gets OTP once it enters the PIN which it needs to give to the framework to continuing with the installment.
• The framework can be utilized for any online framework which incorporates installment module which requires to the client to enter its touchy card points of interest on the web.


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