Online Vehicle Tracking Project

Online Vehicle Tracking Project, PHP PROJECTS, ANDROID
The framework tracks vehicles on an online guide through a Web Application. The framework enables the client to track and check vehicle fuel sections, adjusting information and even repair/support status. This framework enables clients to monitor their vehicles gave on lease or rent to another person. Likewise for vacationer vehicle proprietors to monitor various vehicles.  Online Vehicle Tracking Project, PHP PROJECTS, ANDROID. The individual highlights of this application have been recorded underneath.
• Admin Login: Admin will Login with his administrator ID and watchword.
• View Vehicle and Driver Location: – Admin can see vehicle and driver area.
• Registration: Admin will enlist the driver by entering driver points of interest.
• User Login: User can login with client ID and secret word.
• Vehicle Tracking: System will track area of both vehicle and driver utilizing GPS.
• Send Location Details: System will send area points of interest to administrator.
• Fuel Entry: It gives a fuel section shape to every vehicle in that monitors its fuel passages for consistently.
• Service Entry: An adjusting Entry shape is utilized to keep up the overhauling information for every vehicle in every month.
• Repair and support Entry: For every single Vehicle enables us to track its month to month repair/upkeep status.
• Vehicle Tracking: The vehicle following framework utilizes the drivers GPS Enabled Mobile to track the vehicle on a google maps.
• Report: Fuel information, Servicing information, Repair and Maintenance
Programming Requirements:
• Microsoft Windows
• Microsoft SQL Server
• Visual Studio
• Android SDK
Equipment Components:
• Processor – i3
• Hard Disk – 5 GB
• Memory – 1GB RAM
Focal points:-
• This framework encourages administrator to monitor the driver with the goal that driver can’t do any sort of conning.
• This framework causes administrator to keep record of participation of the driver which helps in ascertaining pay of the driver.
• If there is organize disappointment because of condition dangerous, framework will neglect to track area of the vehicle.
• This framework can be utilized as a part of call navigate’s to track the area of the vehicle
• This framework can be utilized as a part of vehicles which conveys products by roadways.


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