Campus Recruitment via Android

Campus Recruitment via Android, PHP PROJECTS, ANDROID
Last Year for any building understudies and their universities is exceptionally essential, since it is the time when the organizations come in. What’s more, for each understudy and friends needs each other to work it out and henceforth this framework comes in picture. Grounds Recruitment System as the name states it is simply utilized for helping the organizations to get the best applicant and specifically interact with the understudy, similarly understudy become acquainted with about the occupations and the organizations straightforwardly. The College here is the administrator and the understudy and the organization the two has 2 unique applications where they need to enroll with their points of interest and the administrator which is an online framework endorses or dislikes or makes any move. The understudy while enrolling needs to enter his own and scholastic points of interest which can be refreshed later moreover. He/She can check for their current occupation applications or any new applications sifted by their classes and can likewise give an input to administrator. While the organization can post new occupations, see the understudies or new applications.
Understudy App:
• Registration: The understudy needs to enroll into the framework with his own and scholarly points of interest.
• Login: The understudy needs to sign in and will be marked in till he signs out.
• Profile: The client can refresh his own and scholarly subtle elements.
• Applications: List of utilizations the client has connected while he can likewise pull back the applications.
• New Jobs: List of employments and its points of interest as indicated by the criteria and qualification of the understudy.
• Feedback: Student can send an input to the administrator.
Organization App:
• Registration: The Company needs to enlist into the framework with the organization subtle elements.
• Login: The Company needs to sign in and will be marked in till he signs out.
• Profile: The client can refresh their points of interest.
• Applications: List of new applications they have gotten today and aggregate.
• Jobs: List of occupations which additionally can be erased or refreshed.
• Add Job: organization can post new occupations.
• Feedback: Company can send a criticism to the administrator.
• Approve/Disapprove: Admin sees a rundown of understudies and organizations and favors or objects their record.
• Feedback: Admin can likewise observe the criticism given.
Programming Requirements:
• Windows XP, Windows 7(ultimate, undertaking)
• Android Studio
• Visual Studio
Equipment Components:
• Processor – i3
• Hard Disk – 5 GB
• Memory – 1GB RAM
• Android Phone with Kitkat and higher
• Company can specifically contact the understudy.
• Student can specifically contact the organization.
• Jobs can be connected whenever anyplace and furthermore can be pulled back.
• The occupations every understudy see depend on their qualification and criteria.
• No Email framework incorporated in this framework.
• Student can control the information, so phony information can likewise be composed.
• This application can be helpful to all the building schools where situations and enrollments make it simple for understudies and organizations.


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