Expense Tracker via Android

Expense Tracker via Android, PHP PROJECTS, ANDROID
This application enables clients to keep up a computerized mechanized journal. Every client will be required to enroll on the framework at enlistment time, the client will be given id, which will be utilized to keep up the record of every exceptional client. Cost Tracker application which will monitor Income-Expense of a client on an everyday premise. This application takes Income from client and partitions in every day cost permitted. In the event that u surpass that day’s cost it will cut if from your salary and give new every day cost permitted sum, and if that days cost is less it will include it in reserve funds. Cost following application will produce report toward the finish of month to indicate Income-Expense by means of different diagrams. It will give you a chance to include the reserve funds sum which you had put something aside for some specific Festivals or day like Birthday or Anniversary.
Modules and their Description
This application includes 5 modules:
1. Register
2. Login
3. Add/Modify Expense
4. Income
5. Reports
 Hardware Requirement: –
 i3 Processor Based Computer
 1GB-Ram
 5 GB Hard Disk
 Internet Connection
 Android Device
• 1 GB RAM
• 4 GB ROM
• Processor 1 Ghz Dual Core or Higher
 Software Requirement:
 Windows 7 or higher
 Android Development Toolkit(ADT)
 Visual Studio 2010
 SQL Server 2008
 Android 4.0 or higher
Focal points
• Builds Discipline and Organization.
• Forces You to Think About Money.
• Crisis Prevention.
• Budget Planner.
• Knowing you’re ways of managing money.
• Offline application.
• May get off base outcomes if information isn’t embedded in revise way.
This application can be utilized by individuals to control their Expense from Day-to-Day to yearly premise and furthermore can keep a watch on their costs.

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