Internet Cafe Management Project

Internet Cafe Management Project, PHP PROJECTS, ANDROID

The product is the answer for an Internet bistro. The product furnishes you with a way to control the workstations, oversee client database, offer items and create point by point reports and insights.

This is a capable Cyber Cafe administration programming that assists with overseeing clients and workers, controlling PCs and printers, securing frameworks, bookkeeping and charging. It streamlines and robotizes maintaining your Internet Cafe business. Dissimilar to numerous other aggressive projects, CafeSuite is vigorous, snappy, secure and exceptionally instinctive and simple to utilize. It doesn’t make a difference how huge your Internet bistro is – CafeSuite is equipped for controlling any number of workstations. CafeSuite is intended to be a total answer for Internet bistros and to make life less demanding for Internet bistro proprietors, administrators and clients.

The essential assignment of our product is to furnish administrators and clients with an exact planning and charging data whenever. CafeSuite keeps client accounts, so clients can sign in without anyone else utilizing username and secret key, printed account ticket with a timecode or even an attractive card. It is conceivable to set any evaluating you may envision including intermittent rebates on particular days or times, movement and gathering rebates, time rewards or focuses framework. The product keeps stock of items and administrations and backings POS gadgets, for example, receipt printers. Other vital highlights incorporate reservations, print control, remote screen and moment recuperation of plate allotments. The product creates different measurements, which give itemized data about business execution. All exchanges and activities are recorded into a database and can be seen through different reports.


Ring It is a product broadly utilized as a part of our neighborhood, created by private software engineers for Cyber Cell of our police office. The product interfaces every client of any bistro with an online database which is controlled by the server of digital cell. It records the perusing history and the record points of interest of each client who login and surf. Once a client login he is furnished with an ID and secret key which can be utilized once more. The security highlights are all around kept up however it can’t fulfill each client needs. The charging depends on the net time use by the nearby server of the bistro. The current adaptations of ring can’t set up the bill in view of the information use. The charging framework isn’t worried about the information utilization of every client.

One of the significant downside is the desktop foundation is as of late supplanted by the online commercials. Different weaknesses are, it can’t be utilized to control gaming bistros and gaming workstations. It gives no print points of interest and CD copying subtle elements.

No Reservation can be made by clients yet it gives charges for late clients.

Unused workstations can’t be safely bolted so nobody can utilize them without appropriate approval from the administrator


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