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Feed Back Project Online, PHP PROJECTS, ANDROID

The motivation behind Online Student Feedback System is to give Periodical criticism by understudies about the course conduction. Feed Back Project Online, PHP PROJECTS, ANDROID

Conceptual: “Online Student Feedback System” is by and large utilized by four sorts of clients:

1. Administrator

2. Understudy

3. Staff (workforce of each course)

4. Organizers (M.Tech, M.Sc., MCA)

5. Director

Every client has their own login id and secret word.

These clients are to be given diverse access rights.

Administrator and Admin will have the capacity to see the insights created by the framework.

Workforce will give access to understudies to giving criticism

Understudies will fill in the input shape.

Undertaking Detailed Description:

Semester starting

Ist month:

Toward the start of the semester facilitators enter rundown of the courses and resources.

Personnel will make rundown of understudies in the course.

Month 2 to end of the semester:

Every personnel will offer authorization to understudies (who have routinely gone to the classes) in the course to give the input.

Understudies will login and give the input (they will fill the criticism shape).

Arrangement of insights by the framework

For each course, for each inquiry, discover the level of the understudies who ticked on ‘perfectly’

General insights can be sent to administrator and Chairman a seemingly endless amount of time.

Beginning stage:

1. Making the login-id:

Administrator will give the login id and secret key for the personnel and the facilitators.

Every single other client, Faculties will all enroll into the framework, once.

At the point when an understudy gets conceded they will be given login and secret key to enroll into the framework.

Login id of the understudies could be their enroll numbers (which is accessible at the season of confirmation)

2. Diverse authorization for various clients:


The staff will make the rundown of the understudies who selected the course.

Toward the finish of every month, Faculty will give the authorization to understudy who are customary, to give the input for that course amid that month.

Understudies :

Understudies can enlist to the framework.

Toward the finish of consistently, when the understudy login, they become acquainted with the rundown of courses for which they can give input. They finish the criticism.

Organizers :

Toward the start of the semester, set up the course list and the comparing personnel

Administrator and Admin :

They have the consent to see the general insights arranged by the framework, utilizing the input shapes put together by the understudies.


Equipment Requirements

Processor: Windows 8.

Essential Memory: 2 GB RAM.

Hard Disk: 100 GB.

The above indicated prerequisites are the base required to run the application

Programming Requirements

Dialect utilized: Visual Basic (VB)

Database: M.S.Access

Stage : windows 8

Instruments utilized: Visual Studio 2010.


The “Online Student Feedback System” will be useful for the understudies and also the Chairman. Understudies are allowed to express their feeling on the course conduction and Chairman has the chance to know the way in which the courses are directed and maybe prompt the staff on the off chance that the input isn’t attractive.

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