Restaurant Bill Maker via Android

Restaurant Bill Maker via Android PHP and Android PROJECTS

Restaurant Bill Maker via Android is the dashboard based application utilizing Android Studio. The Main target of this Android App is to give the ultimate arrangement among server and gourmet expert.

Using this App the server can produce orders, including things which are requested by the clients then naturally all requested things will be shown in culinary expert application exclusively in view of things doled out to the cook.

The server can know statuses of all things on specific request. The server can make numerous requests at once.

To know all offers of things in the Menu application is kept up to produce reports give the insights about the measurements of the things deals, the correlation between things, classes for a solitary day or different dates.

Principle Modules incorporated into this application are Waiter, Chef, Cashier, and Dashboard.

Here we can show information in table organization utilizing JTable in this Restaurant application.The vital diagrams module is for contrasting an alternate sort of occupations by utilizing google API.

Once every thing is ordered repeatedly the menu pop-ups for the next item. you can either continue or close the pop up. If you continue the process will repeat once again. if you reject it will take you to billing option. There are two types of option cash payment or card payment. anything can be selected. bill will be dispalyed including GST number.

Innovations: Core java, Android Studio

Here we give the projects information, which can be used by students for their semester exams. We don’t give readymade projects, If students want to execute these projects, then they need to study the codes which will help them to execute the project. We give ideas how to develop and continue the projects. If student use this project they will learn practically how to make projects customized. It is always a challenge to complete the customized projects.


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