Departmental Billing Store

Departmental Billing Store, PHP PROJECTS, VB.NET PROJECTS

1. Presentation

The task “Charging framework” is an application to computerize the way toward requesting what’s more, charging of a “Departmental store” .This electronic application is composed considering the chain of departmental store which is situated in different urban communities. This application too administrates its clients and clients.


This task will serve the accompanying targets:-

1 Add and keep up records of accessible items.

2 Add and keep up client points of interest.

3 Add and keep up portrayal of new items.

4 Add and keep up new entered class of items.

5 Provides monetary/money related reports to the proprietor month to month or week by week and


6 Provides an advantageous arrangement of charging design.

7 Make a simple to utilize condition for clients and clients.

3. Task class


The task depends on the idea of RDBMS (i.e. Social Database Administration System). ” A database which store information as tables which has related with each other in as specific way “.

4.Types of reports

1. Day by day Sales Report

2. Month to month Customer Report

3. Day by day Product Report

4. Due Date (Report of a specific Day)

5. Charging Report

5.Technologies and Tools

1 Web Technology: (Microsoft visual studio 2005 system 2.0)

2 Database: MySQL Server-2005

3 Development Tool: MS Visual Studio 2005

4 Web Server: IIS

5 Web program: Internet Explorer benefit pack 1

6 Languages Used:, JavaScript

7 Others: Themes, CSS


CPU setup

– AMD processors 4000+ arrangement



– 17″ shading

Working System

– Windows XP with benefit pack 2

7.Future Scope

1 This undertaking will help the vendor in quick charging

2 This venture empower vendor to keep up an awesome database of all

clients went by and buy item from store.

3 Project will empower to see report with respect to item and class.

4 Easy to keep up in future prospect.


Before we start another framework it is essential to contemplate the framework that is destined to be enhanced or supplanted (if there is one). We have to investigate how this framework utilizes equipment, programming, arrange and the general population assets to change over information assets, for example, exchange information, into data items, for example, reports and shows. In this way we should archive how the data framework exercises of information, preparing, yield, stockpiling and control are refined.


1. Powerlessness of change of information: The overseeing of tremendous information viably and productively for proficient outcomes, putting away the points of interest of the purchasers and so on such that the database can be adjusted as not conceivable in the present framework.

2. Not easy to understand: The current framework is not easy to use in light of the fact that the recovery and putting away of information is moderate and information is not kept up productively.

3. Trouble in reports producing: Either no reports creating in a current framework or they are produced with awesome trouble reports take time to produce in the present framework.

4. Manual administrator control: Manual administrator control is there and lead to a great deal of confusion and blunders.

5. Part of printed material: Existing framework requires parcel of printed material and indeed, even a little exchange require many papers fill. Also any unnatural reason, (for example, fire in the association) can pulverize all information of the association. Loss of even a solitary paper prompted troublesome circumstance since every one of the papers are interrelated.

6. Failure of sharing the information: Data can’t be partaken in the current framework. This implies no two people can utilize similar information in existing framework. Additionally the two offices in an association can’t communicate with each other without the real development of information.

7. No help in basic leadership: Existing framework does not bolster administrative basic leadership.


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