Boutique Management Project

Presentation :-
This report gives insights about the whole programming necessities detail for the Boutique Management System.Boutique Management Project, PHP PROJECTS, VB.NET PROJECTS
Reason :-
The reason for this framework is to actualize the computerization of the garments stock and deals and so forth. This uses the MS Access database and substitution encryption/decoding method to conceal passwords of clients.
Extension :-
The name of the undertaking is Boutique Management System (BMS).
BMS (Boutique Management System) that intended to deal with your boutique is exceptionally easy to use programming. With this product, you can create report in light of your inclination (every day, week after week, month to month, or yearly).
Definitions, Acronyms, Abbreviations :-
This program is a menu driven program. When we tap the principle menu the diverse structures will be empowered.
The program comprises of the accompanying modules:
• Source posting
This module is assume to recognize the items by their discription.
• Add items
This module is assume to take the contributions from an info gadget.
• Add clients
This module is equipped for including clients in the predetermined organizations.
• Update and erase items
This module will refresh and erase items.
• Update and erase clients
This module will have the capacity to refresh and erase clients
• Searching
In this module the administrator or emplyee can look through the client or items from the database in view of criterias
• Transactions
This module will take up exchanges like offering items, purchasing items from provider refreshing money and refreshing the bills.Appropriate moves will be made.
• Report Generation
This is a customer program which will ask for reports.
Utilitarian segments of the undertaking :-
Director or Staff needs to enroll to the application and login with a specific end goal to get to the product.
There are two sorts of clients in the framework
• Administrator
• Staff
When the client sign in to the framework the landing page is shown. The landing page ought to be a dashboard from where the client can go to any of the other usefulness accessible in the site
1) Contents of Home Page
• Search textbox with a go Button to look for singular things
• A rundown of all Categories accessible in the framework. It will likewise appear in sections the things available to be purchased in this class
• Sell an Item interface
2) Functional particular for Search
The inquiry ought to be a case uncaring quest for things which contain the hunt catchphrase. The indexed lists should show every one of the things which coordinated the pursuit criteria. It will return just those things which are available to be purchased right now.
3) Sell an Item
At the point when the client taps on Sell a thing join, at that point a page comes up which enables the client to do the accompanying:-
• Provide a title for the thing and a depiction of the Item.
• There will be Upload Image Button which the client uses to transfer a picture of the thing. There will be an Upload content catch by which the client can transfer a word report giving the portrayal/particular of the thing.
• A content box to put in the base cost
• A content box to give the date.
4) Category Browsing
At the point when the client taps on any of the Categories in the landing page, another page should open up which demonstrates every one of the things available to be purchased in the Category.
5) Buy an (Item Home page)
The Item landing page can be come to either by tapping on the indexed lists or by tapping on an Item while doing Category perusing.
The Item landing page contains the accompanying:-
• The title of the Item
• The Description of the Item
• Uploaded pictures for the item(if any)
• Uploaded reports for the item(if any)
• The name of the Seller (This will be a connection which opens up another page which gives the rating of the vender)
• The least cost (assuming any)
• The current cost.
6) Edit an Item
The merchants ought to have the capacity to alter the thing. The merchant ought to have the capacity to do the accompanying:-
1) Upload another Image
2) Upload an archive
3) Change Price
Item Functions :-
The item capacities will incorporate the accompanying zones.
The application is sufficiently competent to store diverse items and furthermore play out some editng on them that is added.It will be having easy to use GUI’s that will manage the client to effectively achive the same.
• AdminForm
• User Form
• Adding clients
• Adding items
• Updating clients
• Updating items
• Searching clients and items
• Report eras
Client attributes :-
• No pre information of html
• No pre information of database administration
• Should be acquainted with web
• Should know English
• Should have the capacity to utilize and do as indicated by the graphical UI
Suppositions and Dependencies :-
The item accept that the clients don’t choose a similar item number all the while.
Can’t bolster numerous UIs.
Execution Requirements :-
Execution necessities are :
1. good working pc with every one of the necessities as expressed in the equipment interfaces
2. works for medium size data databases
3. should not be over-burden
Future Developments :-
• multiple UI
• support for extensive database
• MS access for database


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