Human Test

Human Test, a CGI content written in the Perl dialect, depends on the thoughts of The CAPTCHA Project. It creates distored content that most people can read, however PCs can’t to keep computerized robots from submitting shapes. Programming like this is beginning to wind up plainly generally utilized all through the Internet, and is as of now set up on significant sites, for example, Yahoo! to counteract computerized recruits. Human Test, PHP PROJECTS, VB.NET PROJECTS
Before you can utilize FirstProductions Human Test, make certain that your site passes the base prerequisites:
 Web Server: You should have web space to store website pages on a Unix server (content not tried on Windows NT). If not, consider getting web space from FirstProductions Web Hosting, our web facilitating administration. FirstProductions Web Hosting completely bolsters the prerequisites of this content.
 CGI-BIN: You should have the capacity to run custom CGI contents on your web server, for example, in a CGI-BIN. Note that most free web facilitating administrations don’t permit this, (for example, GeoCities, Tripod, and America Online).
 Perl: Perl 5.004 or later should be introduced on the web server. We propose ActiveState Perl for Windows servers.
 2.01 or later (with PNG bolster) to interface with GD Graphics Library
 Digest::MD5: Used for encryption. The content can without much of a stretch be recoded to utilize an alternate encryption calculation to abstain from utilizing this library, should you so want.
 Not required for the Human Test library, just for the illustration content.
 File Permissions: For Unix servers, you will require the capacity to set and change record authorizations, either through FTP or Telnet. This is otherwise called CHMOD.
 FTP Access: You should have FTP access to the web catalogs on your server. FrontPage get to just is not adequate.
Establishment: Step 1: Uncompress the Package
To begin with, you should uncompress the product bundle utilizing WinZip or comparative unfastening programming. You ought to have a registry tree like this:
CGI (catalog)
Information (catalog)
|__images (catalog)
|__(various PNG records)
Establishment: Step 2: Configure the Script
To start with open captchatest.cgi (the case content) in primary CGI catalog. Make certain that the primary line of the content matches the way to Perl for your server. The way to Perl is normally like:/usr/receptacle/perl or/usr/neighborhood/canister/perl. Make sure not to evacuate the #! prior to the way to Perl. In the event that you are uncertain of the way to Perl, contact your server head.
Next, open in a content manager. This is the Human Test library utilized by the illustration content. You can likewise utilize this library in your own contents for simple access to the Human Test capacities (generateCode and checkCode). Here is a manual for designing the alternatives in the Settings area:
 captcha_datafolder ought not be available by the web. It will be utilized to store the picture documents utilized by the content, and in addition the database. Try not to incorporate a trailing slice.
 captcha_database may not have to be altered unless you move or rename the codes.txt record.
 captcha_imagesfolder may not have to be altered unless you move or rename the pictures envelope in the DATA index.
 captcha_outputfolder will be utilized to store the yielded pictures from the content, and ought to be available from the web. This setting is the way to the organizer on your web server. Try not to incorporate a trailing slice.
 captcha_webfolder is the URL to the organizer indicated in the captcha_outputfolder setting. Try not to incorporate a trailing cut.
Establishment: Step 3: Upload Files to Server
In the wake of arranging the content, make an organizer in your “cgi-receptacle” for the records in the CGI registry. Transfer the documents in the CGI index to your new envelope on your web server in ASCII mode. Make thecaptchatest.cgi record executable by CHMODing it as 755. Next, make the web-open envelope you designed captcha_webfolder, and give it proper authorizations so the content will have the capacity to compose documents to it. At that point, make the captcha_datafolder you indicated in the setup area outside of your web-available envelopes. Give it compose consents and transfer the documents in the DATA index to this envelope. Give the codes.txt database compose authorizations.
Establishment: Step 4: Testing the Script
Since you have transferred the records, the time has come to check whether it worked. In a web program, explore to the URL of the case content (captchatest.cgi). On the off chance that there is a mistake, see the investigating area of the documentation. On the off chance that it works, go ahead to the Usage segment.
There are two capacities that you can bring in – generateCode and checkCode. The illustration content exhibits how to utilize these two capacities. Here is a clarification of the capacities.
generateCode($length) will produce an arbitrary succession of letters and quantities of the predefined length. It will then scramble the succession utilizing md5. The md5 sepulcher is the thing that the capacity returns. The capacity additionally yields a PNG picture of the code succession to the yield organizer. The md5 grave is the filename without the .png postfix. The capacity will add the md5 grave to the database in the information organizer with a timestamp, and terminate old codes from the database. In the event that a grave is not returned, at that point a document blunder occured.
checkCode($code,$crypt) will check a code against the md5 grave and code database. There are a few conceivable esteems that can be returned:
1 : Passed – the entered succession is right and the tomb is legitimate and was found in the database.
0 : Code not checked – a document mistake occured.
– 1 : Failed: code terminated – the code was found in the database however it was lapsed.
– 2 : Failed: invalid code (not in database) – the code was not found in the database either in light of the fact that it terminated, was at that point utilized, or it is invalid.
– 3 : Failed: invalid (code does not coordinate grave) – the entered grouping is inaccurate and the tomb has been expelled from the database.
For more data about utilizing these capacities, please allude to the illustration content included with this bundle.
Refreshed – we have quite recently discharged a broad instructional exercise demonstrating to incorporate the Human Test library into a current content. To peruse it, please go to the FormMail Exampleon our site.
Investigating Guide
500 Internal Server Error
Conceivable reasons for a 500 Internal Server Error:
• The way to Perl in line one of the captchatest.cgi record is off base. Contact your server head on counsel your server’s documentation to discover your way to Perl.
• Files were not transferred in ASCII mode. Exchange the records to your server again in ASCII mode.
• The authorizations of captchatest.cgi were not set to executable. Set the authorizations of captchatest.cgi to executable (CHMOD 755).
• The record was not found. In the event that you renamed, name it back to
404 File Not Found
Check the URL that you used to get to captchatest.cgi and attempt once more.
403 Forbidden
The authorizations for captchatest.cgi were not set to executable (CHMOD 755).
Broken Image
On the off chance that the case content shows a broken picture, check the captcha_outputfolder and captcha_webfolder settings in the arrangement area.
“Code not checked/produced (record blunder)”
Check the settings in the setup area to make sure that they point to the right organizers, documents, and ways.


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