Rent Car System

The target of Rent Car System is to give a framework to the client to keep records of the auto that was leased and furthermore to the client to become more acquainted with the data about the autos accessible to be leased for voyaging. This is an online venture. The framework will keep up every one of the records of the client, points of interest of the auto leased, subtle elements of the driver who are driving the auto for s specific client and the aggregate salary and the aggregate result paid for driver and for auto cost like fuel, gas and so forth. The framework is anything but difficult to utilize and any ordinary client can comprehend the framework by looking through it. A database is required to spare the records and as needs be diverse sorts of reports will be produced from this product. Rent Car System, PHP PROJECTS, VB.NET PROJECTS

Degree: This framework is valuable to spare the records efficiently as opposed to physically. The client can book and lease the auto on the web. The framework can be utilized 24×7, anyplace whenever without more exertion.



The product to be delivered is on “Lease Car System”. This is an online venture and it can be utilized from any edge of the world. There are 2 distinct clients. In the first place is the Admin or the approved individual who claims this business and second client is the client who needs the auto for lease. At first the administrator spares all the auto points of interest accessible, to be leased. There is an uncommon ace called as driver ace where every one of the subtle elements of the driver who are working for that organization and their own data will be spared into the database. Their compensation so far paid is likewise spared.

Next is the client part of utilizing the framework. At first the client must get onto the leased auto site. In the event that he/she needs to lease an auto, they should first enroll by giving their own subtle elements and they can pick their own username and secret word to login to the framework. On the off chance that they give their email or contact number, any data with respect to the organization or any offers will be sent to the clients contact id. They should first enter the inception put from where they must be picked and the goal put, to where they have to drop. When they enter it, the autos with certain citation will be shown. These citations for a specific place will spared in the database by the administrator. There will be more than one citation accessible alongside specific auto. In the wake of picking any one out it, they should tap on Rent auto alongside the date when the client will be voyaging. This notice will be shown to the administrator. He initially checks for the driver who is accessible on that date. The driver will get message. The client can pay the sum on the web. The sum will be straightforwardly credited to administrator’s record. From that sum, certain measure of commission or pay will be paid to the driver.

Considering all these diverse sort of reports can be created. The sum paid by all clients on certain month can be produced. Reports on the sum paid to the driver. Reports on the sum spent for the auto and other cost and so forth. Reports on misfortune and pay will be produced.

Modules of the product:

Login: Admin has their own particular username and secret word naturally. On the off chance that he/she needs to give the framework specialist to someone else, he can give username and secret word to them.

Enlistment: For the client to login to the framework, they have to enroll first.

Ace: There are distinctive experts accessible which can be included, altered or erased just by the administrator. Driver ace is utilized to enter the driver subtle elements. Auto ace is utilized to enter the auto subtle elements. Place ace contains the better places. Citation ace is utilized to enter distinctive citations for various birthplace and goal places.

Pay: The pay of the driver will be figured in this module.

Leasing a Car: Depending upon the distinctive citations, the client can pick any of it and can send the same to the administrator. Contingent upon the accessible driver, the voyaging plan will be settled.

Notice: Any offers accessible for an auto will be sent to the clients messaged or a message warning will be sent to the client’s versatile number.

Reports: Customer paid sum reports, client pending sum report, driver’s pay paid report, auto cost report, misfortune and pick up report yearly or month to month can be produced.


• The client can scan for a specific auto and their citations effortlessly through the framework.

• Less printed material.

• Database is kept up.

• User agreeable

• Less Space


 Processor: Intel double center or above

 Processor Speed:1.0GHZ or above

 RAM: 1 GB RAM or above

 Hard Disk: 20 GB hard plate or above


Dialect: ASP.Net

Database: SQL Server 2008


The client can without much of a stretch get the data of the auto that can be leased for to achieve their goal put through Rent Car framework. Database is kept up in a specific measure of traverse. Printed material is less and measure of time is spared to lease an auto. The framework is anything but difficult to utilize and the framework is without mistake.


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