Police Information System

Police Information System is a framework in which all the printed material of the station is kept up in a solitary framework and it makes treatment of records less demanding. Here we can keep up , include and recover every one of the records like criminal record, protestation record, most needed criminal record, case history and so forth in a solitary database framework

Venture Category: RDBMS (Relational Database administration System)

Target of the Project:

         This framework is produced to keep up the printed material of the police headquarters in a solitary System.

         Criminal records and clients records can be looked after effectively.

         Security level is kept up in order to guarantee that exclusive approved clients approach

         To private data.

Dialects Used:

Front End : VB.NET(Visual Basic)

Back End :SQL (Structured Query Language)

Stage : Windows XP/windows 7, DOT NET Framework 3.5

Module Description:

         Login Module: User enters User Name and secret word to login this product application. There are two sorts of clients utilizing this product ie; administrator and clients like constable, assessor and so forth..

         Administrative Module: In this module administrator enlist new client points of interest, assignment, administrator subtle elements, and so on and furthermore administrator doles out undertakings to clients.

         Station Module: This module is for police office workers to track undertaking and participation points of interest and so on and furthermore can alter or adjust client profile.

         Complaint Registration: This module is utilized enlist protest points of interest. Here client needs to enter protest sort, matter, given by subtle elements and given on points of interest.

         FIR: This module is utilized to enroll FIR record for specific dissension. Client needs to choose the protest id and enter FIR number.

         Charge Sheet: After the FIR is enrolled Charge Sheet is issued. Those points of interest will be entered in this module.

         Judgment Detail: After the charge sheet is issued the individual is delivered to the court where he is been demonstrated pure or guilty party. Every one of these subtle elements are included this module.

         Criminal Record: In this module fundamental points of interest of the culprits are included.

         Prisoner Record: In this module detainee records are included.

         Law and Order Module: This module incorporate exercises, for example, Public Security, Checking, round ups, Passport confirmation and so on.



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